There are many things that differentiate good hunters from the rest. Your gear, more specifically your pair of hunting boots, can make a huge difference between a good hunt and your worst hunting experience. The pair of hunting footwear you adorn is one of the most crucial factors when tracking game in the wild. Keep in mind that you’ll be stuck in the same pair of boots throughout the day. The boots should provide great support and comfort as you traverse through swamp water, rocky areas, snow-covered tracks, and all sorts of harsh terrain.

Wearing camouflage apparel helps to keep you out of game’s sight but a good pair of silent rubber soled boots is equally important too. The last thing you want when tracking game is to plod around noisily, scaring away a deer within shooting range.

Hunting in cold weather presents numerous challenges, from freezing temperatures to wet slippery terrain. The potential for injury is ever high. You need a good waterproof pair of boots with excellent insulation and perfect rubber soles that provide good traction and enhanced safety. The best boots not only need to keep you dry and safe but should also be strong and durable to battle through thick brush, marshland, snake territory, swamp water, and mountainous terrain for many hunting seasons to come. A good pair of boots should easily take you wherever the game is.

Top Cold Weather Hunting Boots Review

Here is a review of the best boots for cold weather hunting on the market today. This hunting boots review examines some of the best brands of boots designed to tackle every type of terrain in winter while keeping you safe and comfortable at all times.

BootsMade OfSoleUser RatingPricing
The Original MuckBoots Adult Wetland BootCR Flex FoamRubber sole
Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Insulated Hunting BootLeatherRubber sole
LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” 1000G Hunting ShoesNeoprene/RubberRubber sole
Kamik Men’s Hunter BootsRubber and FabricRubber sole
Irish Setter Men’s Elk Tracker Waterproof BootLeatherSynthetic sole

This is one of the most comfortable well-supported pair of hunting boots available today. It is a rubber hunting footgear designed to keep you warm and dry as you traverse treacherous fields in search of game. They come with a stretch-to-fit top that can easily be rolled down whenever you feel like.

The Original MuckBoots Adult Wetland Boot

It is a lightweight pair of boots that will protect your feet from cold weather conditions of 20 to 50 degrees. The boot features perfect insulation provided by 5mm thick flex foam insulation and an excellent Airmesh liner to keep your feet dry, comfortable, and stable even in harsh winters. It has a height of 16 and a half inches, which makes it a good choice for wading through small streams, mud, and snow. The boot fits a little snug around your shins and ankles for a perfect fit but you’ll eventually become accustomed to the tight feel in time as you break the boot.

It is a great hunting boot but make sure you strictly follow the manufacturer’s sizing chart. You may end up with a pair that’s almost a size too big if you relied on your normal size when purchasing. It is nevertheless a perfect Muck Boot with Achilles reinforcement, thick flex foam insulation, and wrap-up toe bumper.


  • The MuckBoots Adult Wetland Boot is a knee-high rain boot that comes with a stretch-fit topline and a perfect rubber-over-neoprene design. It has an ample 16 ½ inch height to keep your feet and legs warm and comfortable in cold seasons.
  • The boot is 100% waterproof, which allows you to wade through swampy water and small rivers without fear of getting wet or cold. Its stay-dry Airmesh lining is another plus. It is also available at a good price compared to other cold weather boots with similar design and features.


  • In their reviews, a few customers stated that the boot is slightly snug around the calves. This is, however, an issue that goes away in time as you ‘break’ the boot and get accustomed to its safe and firm fit.
  • There have also been complains about its sizing. A few customers claim it runs big but you are advised to use Muck Boots sizing chart when buying a pair as your normal size may be a bit large.
  • Overall, the MuckBoots Adult Wetland Boot is an excellent boot with a strong and durable construction. It will keep you safe and comfortable while hunting in cold seasons.

If price is a major concern in your search for the best hunting boot for the cold season, then the Kenetrek Men Insulated Boot is a perfect choice for you. It gives you most of the key features found in the best hunting boots at a comparatively lower price tag.

It is a fantastic looking boot with everything you expect in a cold season hunting gear, from an excellent feel, comfort, and warmth. These boots are light, sturdy, durable, and provide great support to your feet. They are designed to battle tough terrains and unforgiving weather conditions. The boots are designed to give you excellent insulation against water, snow, and cold moisture when tracking game in the wild. They’ll take you through swamp water and marshland without getting your feet wet or cold.

Kenetrek Mens Mountain Insulated Hunting Boot

The boots really last long but a word of caution; make sure you wear a thick pair of socks as the boot can be a little hard on your feet. Thick socks will prevent aching ankles after a long day in the harsh terrain. They are excellent for winter hunting but not recommended as informal city wear. Who would want to wear tough hunting footwear in the city anyway?


  • They are perfect boots for hunting on rough outdoor terrain. They have an incredibly tough design that makes them durable. The boots are made of premium quality leather that can take all forms of abuse from rugged terrain and wet conditions and still last long.
  • They have a perfect sizing which gives them a firm and comfortable fit. They are 100% waterproof and will keep your feet dry and comfortable while tackling cold mountainous or bushy trails. Best of all they come at a lower price than other similar hunting boots


  • A few users of the boot complained of the boot rubbing your ankle, especially when new. Fortunately, this is a problem that can be easily eliminated by wearing thick socks, which will also keep you warmer on a cold hunt.
  • The Kenetrek Men’s Mountain Insulated Boot is designed for cold weather. It comes with all the premium features and benefits you’d expect from a good hunting shoe including perfect traction, excellent insulation, and a comfortable fit. Just remember to wear a thick pair of socks before you leave home when you hit the wild during winter adorned in these boots.

LaCrosse is a well-known name in the manufacture of the best hunting boots and these Men’s Alphaburly Pro 18” hunting boots are perfect examples of the company’s workmanship. They are designed to make your hunting more pleasurable by keeping you dry, warm, and comfortable under the coldest and harshest conditions. It is a tall boot with a 16-inch height perfect for wading through streams, swamps, and muddy grounds.

One of the top selling points of this pair of hunting boots is comfort, stability, and 100% waterproofing. The boot is made of hand-laid rubber and neoprene core for better flexibility and comfort. Other key features of this pair of boots are its embossed liner which helps to increase air circulation inside the boot and an active-fit which is enhanced by an adjustable gusset.

LaCrosse Mens Alphaburly Pro 18” 1000G Hunting Shoes

Keep in mind that LaCrosse is the first boot company to manufacture excellent rubber boots using the rubber-over-neoprene technology, which has almost become a standard in most hunting boots sold today. This revolutionary boot construction ensures that the outer material keeps water out while making the boot flexible and snug.

The LaCrosse Men’s Alphavburly Pro has a premium-rubber outsole design that gives you a stable and comfortable grip regardless of how cold your hunting conditions are. They give you the best possible traction in every type of cold harsh terrain as you track game.

The boot is made of 100% waterproof materials that are also scent-proof. This is a great feature when hunting animals with a sharp sense of smell. If you are a hunter who values stealth and silent tracking while hunting, the LaCrosse Men’s Alphaburly Pro is a perfect choice.


  • It is a tall boot with a height of 16 inches which makes it a perfect choice for getting across streams and walking through muddy or snow trails. The insulated boot has a rubber-over-neoprene construction, features Thinsulate Ultra insulation, and is 100% waterproof.
  • The boot is made of scent-free materials for better hunting experience. It is also quite comfortable. It comes with a cushioned footbed for a more comfortable feel and fit.


  • In their reviews, some users of the boot complained that it has a rather loose fit probably because the boot does not come in half sizes. It is recommended to try it on before purchase to ensure that you get the right size and fit.
  • Overall, this is a perfect insulated boot choice with all the comfort and stability features you need in good footwear for winter.

If you are looking for the best hunting boots that are not only made of strong and durable materials but also provide the best value, the Kamik Men’s Hunter Boot is a great choice. It is a boot that provides great value for money. It is a knee-high boot that is completely waterproof up to -40 degrees.

The best hunting boots for cold weather usually come with a hefty price tag but this Kamik Men’s Hunter pair is an affordably priced boot with everything you need to keep your feet dry and warm in the coldest conditions.

Kamik Mens Hunter Boots

The boot is made of synthetic rubber and rated for use in subzero temperatures of up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a comfy 8mm Thermolite insulation that helps to keep your feet warm on cold hunting days. The boot is not only waterproof but also comes with a snow collar to keep your feet dry and warm while tracking game.

The only downside we could find about this boot is its 13-inch height, which is a bit shorter than other similar boots with a 16-inch height. It may not completely cover your feet when hunting in extremely wet conditions. Another concern cited by users is that they run a little small which makes it necessary to go half a size up when purchasing a pair. This will be important if you prefer wearing thick socks when going for a hunt in winter.


  • The Kamik Men’s Hunter boot is an affordable high-quality model of insulated hunting boots. It has an ample height of 13 inches which is sufficient enough to keep your feet covered from snow or wet marshlands. It has a strong and durable rubber and synthetic construction which ensures that you’ll use the boot for years.
  • In terms of comfort, the boot comes with 8mm Thermalite insulation to keep your feet dry and warm. It has an adjustable snow collar for additional protection from snow and moisture. The boot is 100% waterproof and is rated for use in cold conditions of up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Some users claim the boot’s height is not tall enough at just 13 inches. The boot also runs ½ a size smaller. You may have to get one that’s ½-size larger, especially if you prefer to go hunting in thick socks during winter.

The Irish Setter Men’s Elk Tracker is an excellent waterproof boot with a brown leather exterior that perfectly matches the rest of your hunting gear. It is one of the most durable hunting boots on the market today. Considering the high-quality construction and features of this boot, you’ll agree that it provides great value for money.

It comes with a man-made sole that lasts long even with the constant punishment of harsh weather conditions. It has a reliable heavy duty sole.

Irish Setter Mens Elk Tracker Waterproof Boot

It is a comfortable boot with Comfort Cork EVA made of memory foam capable of adjusting to the shape and size of your feet. The boot comes with a 1,000-gram Thinsulate Ultra insulation to keep your feet dry and warm even in the coldest late season hunt. You won’t have to worry about frozen toes when tracking game adorned in this pair of boots.

Its GORE-TEX lining ensures the boot is 100% waterproof. No moisture can pass through the boot’s lining. It also has another useful feature called “ScentBan” which keeps you free of foot odor at all times. This is a stable, comfortable, and flexible boot made to battle all types of cold unfriendly terrains.


  • Most users of these boots like their un-smelling nature made possible by the ScentBan feature. You’ll feel fresh and comfortable all day while traversing the most treacherous terrain in your hunt.
  • The best boots should last you many years. It will be a while before you buy another pair of hunting boots after you get a pair of Men’s Elk Tracker. The boot has a sturdy sole that gives you perfect traction and stability in tough terrain. It is also lightweight and completely waterproof. You can count on it to keep your feet dry and warm while hunting in cold weather. They are strong enough to last more than 4 winters of constant usage.


  • The only major problem cited by users of this boot are the laces which feel a little bit stiff when new but as you break the boots, the laces gradually soften up.
  • The Men’s Elk Tracker incorporates the latest technology in tough terrain footwear. It is a favorite of many winter hunters due to its stability, good traction, and comfort in muddy, snow, and water-covered terrains. It is a highly recommended pair of insulated boot.

Guide to Buying Hunting Boots for Cold Weather

To most people, hunting is not only a tradition but an exciting activity. However, a wrong pair of hunting boots in the cold season can ruin the experience.

So how do you ensure that you purchase the right pair of hunting boots for the cold season?

Here are some of the key factors to consider when shopping for the best, long-lasting pair of winter hunting footwear.


Insulation is a critical factor when it comes to winter hunting boots. Whether you are hunting all through winter to late Fall or for a few days, it is important to ensure that your feet are well insulated from cold and moisture. The best boots for cold weather have Thinsualte features of between 400 and 1,000 grams. The greater Thinsulate a boot has the better insulation it provides. An excellent boot for the cold season should ideally have 1,000-gram Thinsulate. With good insulation your feet stay warm and free from freezing toes and discomfort. Check the Thinsulate level of the boot before you make a purchasing decision.

Water Resistance

When hunting over wet terrain such as grassy areas on a chilly winter morning, you will have to confront a good amount of dew and surface moisture. Dew is one of the most discomforting natural obstacles of a good hunt. It easily freezes your feet, especially the toes, if you are not adorned in perfect waterproof footgear.

A waterproof boot prevents dew and other forms of surface moisture from reaching your feet. It is just strange how moisture permeates through the boot materials to your toes while walking in snow or dew covered surfaces. Waterproofing ensures that you enjoy your hunt without worrying about cold frozen feet. Make sure the boot you purchase is 100% waterproof for the best winter hunting experience.

Boot Construction Materials

When talking about materials, your focus should be on everything used to construct the boot from the outsole to the upper and other necessary parts including laces. Take note of the materials used to make the boot’s sole. Most hunting footwear models come with rubber outsoles primarily because rubber provides better grip and is more durable. It is also a sound dampening material that helps you set traps or approach game with the least amount of noise. A boot with a rubber outsole is an excellent choice.

Leather is a good material for boot’s uppers. However, boots made of leather uppers are naturally heavier and may impede your speed or ease of movement. If weight is an issue, find a boot that uses lighter combination of materials. You’ll still get the benefits of leather without the weight it puts on your feet. Nevertheless, leather boot uppers are still the sturdiest, most durable, and strongest.


The best hunting boots for the cold season don’t come cheap. It is, therefore, important to ensure that the boots last for as long as possible. Durability is an important factor to consider when shopping for the toughest hunting footwear. The last thing you want is a pair that will give up or malfunction when you are doing your best to fight with the cold weather. It also doesn’t make much sense to be buying a new pair of hunting boots every winter.


How do you ensure the boot you buy is durable? You can simply do this by investing in a pair made of strong and sturdy materials capable of enduring low temperatures in the toughest terrains. All the models covered in the review above are designed to last long even under the most punishing conditions.


Just how comfortable do your feet feel inside the boots? Comfort is a major consideration when buying a nice pair of hunting boots. It can make a huge difference in the success of your hunt. An uncomfortable pair impedes your movement and ability to traverse harsh terrain while trying to reach game. It also ruins the whole hunting experience.


Comfort and flexibility are primary considerations in your choice of good hunting footgear. A comfortable boot helps you avoid distractions and focus on your hunting. Keep in mind that hunting is a precision activity that needs to be carried out in comfort so that the hunter can execute it properly. The last place a hunter needs to feel uncomfortable is in the feet area. Find a boot with comfort features such as cozy footbeds and high-quality mid and outsoles. More importantly, a comfortable pair of boots should be well insulated against cold and moisture.

Overall protection

Hunting in the cold outdoors is fun and exciting but there is always the potential for danger and injuries. You need a perfect pair of hunting boots that can protect you from unforeseen dangers such as hypothermia, snakes, frostbites, and even wind. Remember, your attention is usually focused on the activity at hand without much regard to the safety of your feet.

Protection is therefore a key consideration in your choice of an excellent boot. The boot should keep you safe from cold, provide proper camouflage, and have a sturdy outsole to give you better traction and stability.


The success of your hunt is largely influenced by the distance your feet can take you while stalking your prey. An uncomfortable, poor-performance pair of boots will impede your movement and ruin your hunting experience. It may even leave you with sore feet or frozen toes if not properly insulated. The boots discussed in this article have been proven to provide excellent traction, great comfort, stability, and come with a host of other useful features. Go ahead and pick one for your next winter hunting boots.