The seasonal update introduces us with camouflage jackets mostly used in the summer season. Camouflage jackets are famous for hunting and military purpose, but recent fashion trends also made it usable for common use in the daily life.

5 Best Mens Camo Jackets To Try in 2017 (Reviews)


Zalando is one of the leading businesses in clothing which covers clothing for high streets and high brands. YourTurn, men’s camo jacket, has been introduced in the market. These menswear designs are exceptional in their designing. The following are some descriptions to guide you during the selection of a perfect camo jacket.


  • The outer fabric material is 100 % cotton.
  • 30 °C machine wash is applicable for this camo jacket.
  • Turn-down good collar
  • Buttons and inside deep pockets
  • Camouflage patterns on the jacket
  • Fit for regular size
  • Normal length with long sleeve length of 27.0 “ M size
  • 19.5 back width M size
  • 28.5 total length
  • Best for public and hunting communities.
  • Your style of wearing camouflage supports the manufacturers working for the conservation of animal habitat.
  • High-quality clothing provides you comfort after wearing.
  • Pattern fade faster in case of extra washing
  • Easily catch odors which could be very difficult to wash out.
  • May differ in the terrain of hunting.
Urban Classic:

Urban classic is a bomber jacket in dark gray color. The fabulous look of jacket attracts everyone and gets you admiration; therefore, you can confidently go to buy it. The following are specifications of the camouflage jacket by Urban Classic.

Urban Classic

  • Zip is there for fastening the jacket.
  • Belt for every situation
  • Lightweight material
  • Adjustable straps
  • Waterproof lining keeps your feet dry in damp environments
  • No-slippage lacing system keep a strong grip
  • It has a great insulation for cold weather
  • More chances of fabric to wear out
  • No elastic cord
  • Oversized for normal figure

Superdry is a summer camouflage jacket in blue color which gives a very cool look.


  • Double color and zip for fastening
  • Extra long sleeves
  • Provide protection in season of mosquitoes
  • Waterproof lining keeps your feet dry in damp environments
  • No-slippage lacing system keep a strong grip
  • It has a great insulation for cold weather
  • Extra wash can fade the colors and fabric also get soft.
  • Jack is very loud and sounds crunchy
  • Adjustment of jacket is difficult

Elka is a waterproof jacket available in green color.  It is lightweight and has a delicate design with shimmer at the collar and metallic thread.


  • The outer fabric of this camouflage jacket is 90 % polychloride and 10 % polyester.
  • There is no padding.
  • 40 °C is suitable for machine wash and does not go for tumble dry.
  • It is fit for all regular sized men as the length is also normal with a long sleeve length of 27.0” M size.
  • 15.5” M size back width and 30. 5” Size M total length makes it the piece that everyone wants to buy.
  • The jacket is suitable to wear in the rain because of its stuff and hood.
  • Buttons are for fastening the jacket with flap pockets
  • Keeps you warm in cold season of rain
  • Washing can fade the colors
  • Cannot be useful for a longer time
  • Not easy for extensive wear

Replay is a summer jacket in blue color with 100 % polyester with detachable hood and zip pockets.


  • 30 °C machine wash is suitable for Replay.
  • Mandarin collar and zip for fastening is a best suit for everyone who does not want to spend time on fastening buttons.
  • Inside sleeve pocket and zip pockets
  • It is fit for regular size with long sleeves length of 26.5” M size with 19.0 M size, and the total length of the jacket is 25.5 M size.
  • Comfortable for hunters
  • Drawstring hood and attractive appearance
  • Inexpensive and good quality
  • Expensive
  • Uncomfortable

Men’s camouflage jackets have no comparison in designs and comfort level because it makes them feel rather convenient in summer seasons. For hunting and military purposes, you can easily purchase these jackets. On the other hand, common people can also use these jackets to look cool and comfortable.